HD Magnifying Screen & Kids Insole2.0

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12" HD Phone Magnifying Screen:

  • Unique design for any phone
  • Built-in Eyes Protection Anti blue light layer
  • Made of High Definition (HD) Fresnel Lens
  • Magnifying Screen Protective Layer
  • Size: 26cm x 17.4cm x 0.9cm
  • Weight: 0.35kg



    Coala Kids Insole2.0:


    • Specially designed for Over Pronation (low arch) and Supination (flat foot)
    • Helps control, stabilize and balance the foot
    • Reduces friction to improve overall foot
    • Provide comfort.                                                      
    • Relieves Heel and Arch pain.
    • Help perfectly development of foot muscle 

    Color: Green, Blue
    Material: Velvet Upholstery Fabric + Memory PU foam


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