Something You Should Know By Now..

Something You Should Know By Now..


Before you start reading imagine this, years passing by and children growing up day by day with more than 10kgs bag on their shoulders. Yes, children can easily suffer from back pain — like playing sports or exercising a lot, poor posture while sitting, and long periods of inactivity. But most of the backaches/shoulders ache issues for children is carrying around their textbooks, school supplies, and personal items all day long. 

Which part of children's body hurts? :

Neck And Upper Back

Heavy backpacks create a forward trunk lean (rounding of upper back) which cause a forward head posture with extended neck, creating neck and shoulder pain and making it difficult for muscles and ligament to hold body up


Hips can become sore if a child is bending forward in order to compensate for the backward pull of their backpack.


Shoulders aren't made to hang things on, when a heavy load is pull on a kids shoulders, joint get tight, muscles tighten down, it alters bio-mechanics, and creates potential strain.

Lower back 

A change in posture by leaning forward to compensate for weight of the backpack can result in lower and mid back pain and muscles tightness.


    Finding a safe backpack..

    Very often we got drawn by all kind of features while buying school bag for our children but we forgot the basic needs. COALA Team has summarize the most important criteria for you to put NO extra burden on your children.

    1. Lightweight: A backpack that is light and can be easily handled which does not add more weight on your kids backpack.

    2. Wide Padded Shoulder Straps: Straps that are too narrow can dig into shoulder.

    3. Ergonomic Padded: It not only provides increased comfort, but also helped in evenly distribution of children's school bag throughout the whole body.

    4. Multiple Compartment: As we all know, books carry the majority of weight on children's school bag. By organizing their books perfectly it will help in balancing the weight of school bag.


    This is what COALA has been doing the whole time, provides the perfect school bag for your children:

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      Keep an eye on your kids.

      No matter how busy you're, these are the thing you must keep an eye on your children. 

      • IF they struggle to get the backpack on or off
      • IF they complain about backache all the time
      • IF they are leaning forward while carrying their school bag.

      How to prevent?

      You may ask, how can I prevent these from happening? Here's are some tips that might help:

      • Consider using a Crossbody Tuition Bag as a good alternative for carrying books and supplies.
      • Always use both shoulder straps when carrying the backpack. Make sure the weight is distributed evenly across shoulder.
      • Never add unnecessary load to the school bag, try minimize the item by sorting which is more important.


      Children's school bag issue has been highlighted since year 1977 and you can easily search it on internet about all kind of problem our children facing nowadays. Never mind you read it from here or other places. I believe from all the articles you read, it sums out to only 1 conclusion: "Don't prevent it now, don't regret it later."

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