Vision & Mission

Established Date: December 2016

Company Name: JJOT Group Sdn Bhd

Registration Number: 1218671-V



Our driving force is simply to create and spread happiness. We go all out to support and encourage every children’s dream and ambitions. While their interests change from time to time, we want to be a part of the process in discovering young potentials and talents. We strongly believe that every children deserves a chance to dream, to adventure, and to explore.


As a fast growing company, we strive to care more while we expand. We aim to form a company that cultivates love, passion and responsibility. Here at Coala, we do what we love and we do it together like a family, making a positive impact to our community. We ensure all our customers to have a great experience with us.

Our ultimate goal is to inspire everyone to be committed to creating a positive vibes and contributing towards the greater good for the coming generations. As the saying goes, "small things can lead to bigger things".

Last but not least, we want to thank the ones who have walked through and stayed along with us; we wouldn’t come this far with the support. We Coala, will not let you down.