This is what you need. Why ?

This is what you need. Why ?

COALA has conducted a survey of 1000 students and parents. We are overwhelmed by the fast that 60% of students are carrying tuition to school! 

By collecting opinions and suggestions from our valued customers. COALA be able to design a tuition bag that is well thought about what they need. But now, let's talk about why do your children need to own another bag other than a school bag. p/s: there are few questions for you below, please do not find it offended. cheers! ✌


1. For School Purpose

As we all know the amount of books children need to carry to school! Everything has a life spent, what if student squeeze all the books they need in only 1 bag for about 1 year or at the most 2 years ? I bet it won't last so long after all..


2. For After School Activities

Most of the children are going to tuition or daycare straight after school. By carrying 2 bags, books for different occasion can be easily organized. Let's say it in another way, CONVENIENT.


 3. For Holidays

To be honest, you can use any bag for travel or other holiday events. But! think deeply, what kind of bag exactly do your children need during the trip ? Lightweight ? Organized ? A bag that has huge capacity ?


4. For Outdoor Activities

During the survey with 1000 students and parents, we notice that a significant amount of students are very active in co-curriculum example like camping, factory visitation and etc. Isn't it important for children to carry a handy bag to all these activities ?


🏆 Introducing [DASH Multipurpose Bag] - "above all tuition bag" 

4 Carrying Style

Multiple carrying styles for different occasions/situation.

Style 1 - Weight is well distributed on both shoulders, suitable when you need to carry it around all day like traveling.

Style 2 - Yes! You can attach Tri-Wheel trolley on this bag. You can also pair it on top of Gibb Spine-Care Bag / Larry Advance-Care Bag with 1 trolley only!

Style 3 - A standard cross-body carrying style 
Style 4 - Hand carry



    When it comes to lightweight, Coala can always meet the expectation of customers by making it super lightweight like all other bags!

    With its mind-blowing 485g, children will only need to worry about the weight of their inventory.


    Large Capacity

    It's always "The bigger the better". Capacity of a bag has always been a concern to all parents. What about a tuition bag that can be fitted up to 20 books and files! It can also fit in children's daily luncbox and extra waterbottle after school.

    Coala guarantees that the bag will last longer with such high usage on the bag.



      Waterproof is somewhat important for kids that have to carry their bag to many different places.

      Not only it can survive a splash from a water bottle. It can even act as a temporary umbrella for kids without getting their books soaking wet!


      Organized Compartment

      Children, children, children... "As long as its inside the bag then what's wrong?". I believe as parents we've heard it sooo many times. But! Can't deny that a well organized bag change whole bag using experience. Organizing can be so much harder without a bag with organized compartment. Agree ?


      In 20th May 2019, COALA has officially launched a Pre-Order for our last product in G.O.L.D Series, which is 【Dash Children's Multipurpose Bag】 

      What are G.O.L.D Series Products ?

      👉 Gibb Spine-Care School Bag

      👉 Orlando20 Kids Daypack

      👉 Larry Advanced-Care School Bag

      👉 Dash Children's Multipurpose Bag (50% Early Bird Special)

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