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SPUR - Children's Immunity Booster (KKM & HALAL Certified)

SPUR - Children's Immunity Booster (KKM & HALAL Certified)

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This perfect beverage blend of 14 super ingredients is all your child needs to keep up a strong immune system. 

The first ever children beverage with Loquat* as main ingredient!

  • 1 box contains 15 sachets (30ml each)
  • Flavor: Yummy Berries
  • Main nutrition & vitamins: Vitamin C, B3, B12, A and Calcium
  • Suitable age: 4 to 18 years old 
  • ISO9001, GMP, HACCP and Halal Certified


  • Improve sinus problems 
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better appetite 
  • Get energized 
  • Enhance brain development
  • Strengthen lungs function

14 Super Ingredients:

Loquat, Tiger Milk Mushroom, Blueberry, Spirulina, Dates Fruit, Honey, Orange, Apple, Pear, Grapes, Cranberry, Acai Berry, Raspberry and Tomato. 

How to Consume:

Consume 1 sachet per day after meal. Or up to 3 sachets per day for optimum result. Shake well before use.

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